Our Quality
Because Quality Matters!!

The irritating sight of a bad quality job will outlast the thrill of any savings
you might have, don’t make this terrible mistake and call us for a free
comparison estimate, excellent quality is affordable with us.
  • We miter all our corners on our gates, doors
    and window guards, resulting in a much
    stronger joint that will last longer and it will
    not harbour bugs, spiders or scorpions.

  • We use 16 gage and/or heavier materials to
    provide excellent quality and durability.

  • We use two coats of  primer, and two coats
    of the final color    

  • We don't just do a job to earn a paycheck,
    we take pride in our work, excellent quality
    and competitive prices to earn a customer
    business for life and their referrals.   
Creative Iron Works LLC
  • Some fabricators think that because it is
    not visible, or the customer won't see it,
    that it is OK to leave open holes, just run
    your fingers on the top bar and you might
    find them, but be careful not to cut yourself
    or get sting by a bug.

  • Some of them use 18 gage (which is
    thinner) or thinner materials to save money
    thus providing you with a lower estimate,
    but also lower quality.

  • Most of them don't use any primer at all,
    and your work will start rusting soon.             
We built these gates in the picture above
several years ago, and they are still standing
Because we used good materials and we
have the experience and technical
knowledge to build them.

The picture to the right, we don't know who
built them, or how long ago, it is a nice
design but bad workmanship, the welds
have broken off and the posts are not strong
enough to hold the weight of the gates.
Don't let this happen to you, hire an
experience fabricator with the knowledge to
build quality jobs. Out of the best quality
fabricators in Tucson we are the lowest
priced one.
Give us a call because quality matters.
We seal every little gap inside with clear 35 yr latex/silicone to provide a true bug seal,
so you can open your house door and let in the beautiful Tucson Weather without letting