About Us
About Our Business


Gabriel started taking welding classes in junior high, where he
found out that working with metal is his passion.
After high school he decided to attend El Paso Job Corps Center to
become a certified welder, now armed with his welding certificates
and in need of experience decided to serve this country by joining
the US NAVY, where he served four years aboard the USS VULCAN
AR5, a repair ship, where he was assigned to the ship fitter shop
where he performed all kinds of tasks from building guardrails to
replacing water tight doors.

Now with some experience under his belt; And not wanting to
become just an iron worker and weld all day; He felt the need to
find a career working with steel, and at the same time being able to
use his natural creative talents, solution; Ornamental iron work and
that’s what he has been working on for the past 22 years.

Inspired by his second wife, decided to establish his own shop and
Creative iron Works was formed and is now in its fourth year of
business providing our customers with an excellent quality product
to earn our  customers business and their referrals for life.


Silvia is the beautiful daughter of a Mexican farmer turned sculptor,
who won several awards in the state of Chihuhua for his realistic
and artistic creations.

She inherit some of those talents, but her creations are in paper, in
drawings, some of Creative Iron Works best work are a product of
her imagination, which some times requires full use of Gabriel’s
creativity talents.